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Saturday, April 24, 2021

How To Fall Asleep In 1 Minute Faster

How To Fall Asleep Fast

After reading this article you will learn to fall asleep in one minute. All you need is to remember these simple tricks when you're staring at the ceiling at night or hanging on to your phone hoping to fall asleep as soon as possible.

The first way to fall asleep is to eat some honey do you love taking a bite or something when you can't sleep while we allow this but with a small change replace the ham and cheese on the white bread sandwich with a teaspoon of honey honey will not only help you fall asleep but will restore your body tissues while you sleep and it will make your sleep deeper and calmer but you need the right kind of honey I eat real honey not the honey with added sugar from the supermarket. cara hack wa.

The second way is to put a pillow under your needs if you toss and turn and cannot immediately find a comfortable position to fall asleep at night, then remember this tip if you put a pillow under your knees your back will take a more natural position and the tension and its lower part will decrease
significantly therefore your muscles will finally relax you may not find this position very comfortable but before you think about it.

You will fall into the kingdom of sleep fans of sleeping on their sides can put a pillow between their legs this position will also relieve the strain on your spine also don't use a huge pillow a small size pillow will be just perfect we leave links for good pillow.

Options in the next method with the mysterious name of 4 7 8 does not require any equipment and it can be practiced anywhere and anytime when you need to get some rest.

So here's how to do the 4 7 8 place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth directly above your teeth and press it to your front upper teeth hold your tongue in this position during the entire exercise exhale completely all. The air from your lungs through your mouth so that the exhalation is loud and whistling now calmly inhale through your nose counting to four hold your breath counting seven and then make a loud and whistle exhale counting to eight after this repeat the entire cycle four times.

The most important thing all the inhalations have to be calm and quiet through your nose and all the exhalation zhh have to be loud and whistling through your mouth that is why this exercise is practiced by Yogi's during their meditations for complete relaxation of the body. Now you also know how to quickly reduce stress and tension in your body by using this method we will not go deep into Chinese medicine.

We will just tell you about three magic points that will help you not only to fall asleep fast but also to relieve stress in any nervous situation for example during an exam or before a date the first point is in between your eyebrows it should be pressed with your thumb for 20 seconds then release for a moment and pressed again for 20 seconds to feel the calming effect, three 20-second presses should be enough.

The second point is located on the border of the wrist and the palm along the line of the little finger with the thumb of your other hand press this point and hold for one minute the third point is often called the most powerful acupuncture point and is centered at a distance equal to three finger widths
index middle and ring finger below your wrist one minute of pressure is also enough here to achieve full relaxation.

A cute and creative way to fall asleep fast sing yourself a song about a dream about how you like to sleep and how cool it is we assure that by the end of the song you will fall asleep a simple but effective way a sleep mask everyone is C Mon if not in your everyday life at least in the movies and to the complete darkness you can add silence with the help of earplugs deep sleep will for sure come your way.

Even if you like comfortably in bed it's not hard to notice that some of our muscles are still tense but the speed of falling asleep is directly related to all the muscles relaxing and the body as a whole therefore there is one remarkable exercise that is, also used in yoga practices but we can use its Express version light comfortably on your back.

Now start mentally passing from the tips of your toes to the nape of your neck through all your body parts stop on the fingers relaxed now the ankles knees hips gradually feel the relaxation and then move to the neck John face muscles you can also go in reverse order pay attention to all your muscles and a sound sleep will not take long.