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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Sell My IPhone ecoATM Machine at Walmart for Cash

Sell Phone ecoATM Machine for Cash

Earlier this week, I saw this video on YouTube It came up in my recommended section of this guy taking his iPhone to Walmart and there's this machine there that will buy your phone in any condition, you just have to answer a few questions, and it looked like this:

- [Machine] Tap the type of device.

So it got me thinking, how much would they give me for an iPhone X? Here's the plan right now, so we're going to pick up this iPhone hopefully we actually get it and it's not a scam, I mean less than retail after just 10 days, it doesn't make total sense. Once we get the phone we're gonna drive all the way to Compton where there's a special Walmart there, I kid you not, they have the eco-ATM machines.

Hopefully we'll get some money for this iPhone X. Maybe $900, maybe more? Dude, the people on Craigslist, they all wanted like $1,300, $1,500 for the phone, like the fact that I could be maybe be getting this phone for $900, it's a steal. Is the bank open yet?

- [Rob] We're caged in. Is this some GTA stuff we gotta pull here man? (mimicking car sounds) Gotta get this guy some money. We got the funds. Let's hope this guy's legit, it would really suck to drive all the way out here just to have to go right back home, and it's such a good deal, like my mom always said, "If it's too good to be true, "it's probably too good to be true." I'm proving that one wrong today. Mariachi band dude. Better pop a U-ey. iPhone X for a song, sounds good with me.

So we're like two minutes away right now, I'm excited. Doing this at a 7/11, that's a first. Alright I'm meeting the guy here, he says which car, 'I'm in orange, ya can't miss me.' That's probably the truest statement of this entire video. If I have to go walk in someone's car, Rob, you gotta get out with me dude. Got cash, my SIM card, SIM tool, phone, let's go. No, no, I'm, no, this is sketchy, this is sketchy. "I'll be in a black BMW, won't have my phone. "I'll park right outside." Dawg, why won't you have your phone? Scared.

Yo, we got that heat, we got the heat, it was all legit. $900, That was the best $900 I've ever spent. The phone's like 10 days old, let's go to Compton. We got a drive ahead of us. Do you guys know your windshield, do you guys know the back windshield is cracked? We got the windshield wipers still goin'. They're filming us. (laughs) What's good, subscribe, turn notifications on! (laughing) What's good, hey!

So we're about 15 minutes away from the place, we've made some friends on the highway, a bunch of you guys have been taking pictures of us, I'm hoping the machine is open when we get there, that would really suck if it's out of order, but we're almost in Compton.

- [Rob] It was never about the phone. Dude it was never about the phone, you know this. It's just about the dance moves dude. We finally made it to Walmart, I got my iPhone X right here, the machine's apparently inside, let's go sell this thing. I didn't do it, I've never been able to click my heels, one day. So we're inside Walmart right now, and here is the legendary machine. Eco-ATM, instant cash for Phones, that's what I'm about. So before we try this out with the real iPhone X right here, I got a fake iPhone X, I'm not gonna go through with it, but I wanna see if the machine can recognize that this is a fake. Let's check this out.

Alright, touch to begin, sell your device, safety first. Okay, I need a photo ID, they're going the whole nine here. They're asking for my finger print, my driver's license, Hi there.

- [Eco] Hi there. I'm Eco.

- [Keaton] Hi Eco.

- [Eco] Here are a few things to check before we start.

- [Keaton] Okay.

- [Eco] First, turn on your device and make sure you keep it unlocked.

This is the fake iPhone X, like those settings are not on the iPhone by fault. Alright, I'm all set.

- [Eco] Just tap when ready. Okay, I'm ready.

- [Eco] Please tap the type of device you'd like to sell.

- [Keaton] Apple iPhone.

- [Eco] Tap the carrier that your device was with. Unlocked, we're gonna say it's an unlocked phone.

- [Eco] Please tell me

I would say it's pretty good, you know what, this thing's flawless. This thing is brand new, it's flawless. You'll see this video on Friday, the real vs. fake.

- [Eco] Tap the cable type that connects to your device.

- [Keaton] Lightning.

- [Eco] Now let's get your device ready for your ecoAppraisal,

- [Keaton] Peeled of stickers, we're good.

- [Eco] by removing any cases or stickers. I'm printing out a label that will help me keep track of your device.

- [Keaton] What?

- [Eco] Please place it on the back of your device. Yo, you put this label on the back of your phone so it can track it. There we go, nice snug fit. Ayyy, like a glove.

- [Eco] Tell me about your device so I know what to do next.

- [Keaton] It works!

- [Eco] Next, I'll connect your device to evaluate its electronics and condition. I wanna see how much it says this fake phone is worth.

- [Eco] I'm opening my drawer, where I'll do Oh my God, look! Look at this!

- [Eco] your full appraisal. What?

- [Eco] Now, unlock your screen. It says it's charging. Oh my God, alright, whoa, that was,

- [Eco] Hang on. Easy does it girl. Easy does it, girl, I'm just gonna, alright. Why is this harder than I feel? Okay, perfect, perfect.

- [Eco] Great work. This is a pretty easy process so far, too bad we gotta do this a second time, this is the fake one.

- [Eco] And we're off. I wanna see what it says about this fake phone. This thing's running Android, and if we wanna cop out, 'Return my Device,' we can hit the bail switch. Who owns this machine, I wanna know. Rob, how much do you think it's gonna give us, like $500?

- [Rob] Maybe it'll give you $1000? Yeah, $200, that's what I'm thinking, they're saying $200, I'm saying (laughs). Look at this, it's saying Galaxy S7, not even the iPhone X. Alright, I put a fake one in there first.

- [Eco] Are you sure you want to quit? Yes.

- [Eco] Don't forget to grab your device. It says it's a Galaxy S7. I guess that's what the clone is saying.


So on the fake iPhone X, it actually thinks it's a Galaxy S7 Edge, that's interesting. Now, we got the real iPhone X right here. We're gonna fire this thing up, we're actually gonna sell this one. I'm scared, please give me a good deal. If I turn it on, it looks like it's an Apple iPhone X and the control center works on this one, on the fake one it doesn't work, make sure you check out the video on Friday. Sell, you can even do an estimate, that's cool. The guy who sold it to me said it was unlocked. But I think it's Verizon.

Alright, I'm gonna say it's unlocked. I'm gonna say it's flawless, this thing's brand freakin new.

- [Eco] Tap the cable type that connects to your device. I'm printing out a label. Got another label, ayyy! This is the last and only thing that's gonna be on this phone, no case, it never even was dropped, didn't even see a life. I'm gonna miss you, iPhone X, brand new iPhone X. Goodbye sweet child.

Whoa whoa whoa, check this out, check this out.

It says, 'Trust this computer?' I'm gonna say 'Don't trust' this computer, that's whack, is it tryin' to get your data, maybe. I need to hit 'Trust this computer,' Alright, let's pull this out. Bam, now we gotta trust it or it won't sell. Nice Job, love compliments, wooo! Goodbye iPhone X.

- [Eco] You can still get your device back It was nice seeing you.

- [Eco] if you change your mind later. I'm not changing my mind later, don't even give me that option. Whoa, did you see how fast it's going?

- [Eco] 1/3 of Android phone users don't use a lockscreen passcode.

- [Keaton] No, I don't want your bonus questions, unless you're gonna give me more money for the questions, I don't want them. I like'em, I like the questions now, that's good. If you'd asked me, "Have you ever done that before?" I'd answer honestly ... no. This machine is so loud. Hey, what's good man.

- [Man] Hey, can I get a picture? Yeah man, what's up. I'm selling the iPhone X right now. There you go guys, you're everywhere, Techsmartt Army is everywhere man. What's your name? Anthony. Nice to meet you Anthony, I'll see you. I'm hoping for $400, vote up in the icard right now how much you think I'm gonna get, $100, $200, $300, or $400. I'm hoping $400.

- [Eco] I can't offer you cash for your device, but if you want I'm still happy to recycle it for you responsibly.

- [Keaton] Okay so, it doesn't think it's a Galaxy, wait, what?

Does it think it's an Alcatel One Touch, wait, really? It's just telling me to recycle my phone now, they're not even willing to give me cash. So like, what do we do, do I recycle it, and be a good person or do I take that thing back, take that thing right on home. I'm gonna hit 'Return my Device.'

- [Eco] Are you sure you want to quit? No I'm not. I'm gonna hit 'Recycle it.' I just hit recycle it. - [Eco] Awesome, everybody wins when you decide to help the planet and keep your devices out of a landfill. Everybody wins there guys.

- [Eco] Now I check your photo ID to make sure you're 18 or older and to verify (laughs) You need my ID? Oh wait, I can still say change my mind. It needs my ID, to make a donation. You shouldn't need an ID to recycle, guys. I'm gonna give it my ID. like, yes I'm gonna give it my information, right here, we got the ID son.

- [Eco] Thank you, I'm checking your ID now. This won't take long. To finish your identity check, Now it wants a photo. (camera clicks)

- [Eco] Looking good. There we go, that was sexy.

- [Eco] Now we just need to finalize a few things, and you'll be all set.

- [Keaton] Can I still pull my phone back from here? I'm guessing that I can't. There we go, of course we can.

- [Eco] Review the eco-ATM terms and conditions, and privacy policy. If you have any more devices to sell, we can do that now. We can pull it back, we can pull it back. Do we pull it back? We're too deep, we're too deep, no thanks.

- [Eco] This is your last chance. It even wants me to pull the iPhone X back. I'm just upset we didn't get any money. There we go, How likely am I to recommend this service? Extremely likely, it was delightful. It's restarting, it can't handle the iPhone X. Nice to meet you Matthew.

Alright, there we go, I just recycled my iPhone X at a Walmart. - [Rob] How do you feel? Awful, oh wait, wait. Yo, yo, yo, there's a secret slot, accessory bin. But you don't get any money for it. I shoulda just put the iPhone X in there at the start. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty upset that the machine didn't give us anything for our iPhone X, my guess is it's cause the phone is so new it just hasn't been updated in the machine.

Let me know in the comments if you guys are more shocked than I am. Make sure you get subscribed with notifications on so you guys don't miss another video and follow us on our Instagram story because it's poppin' over there, you'll see the whole behind the scenes.

I'll see you guys in the next Walmart.