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Saturday, April 24, 2021

New Method How To Change Your Minecraft Skin

How To Change Your Minecraft Skin

Hey guys you still here and today I'm back of an all-new minecraft tutorial. In this today's tutorial I'll be showing you how you can change your Minecraft skin.

The way you do this has recently changed so even if you're a long-term minecraft player you may still find this article helpful.

So the first thing you need to do it download a skin of your choice. This can be done in one of two ways first of all you could go to a minecraft skin sharing website such as the skin Dex.

This is a personal favourite of mine but there are also many other similar websites which you may prefer. I linked a number of these sites below.

Skin Sharing websites

Skin Stealer

Once on the site go to the search bar and type in a theme of your choice, for example I'll be looking for a Super Mario skin. Of course the more generic your request is the more likely it is they'll be skins available. As soon as you have decided simply hit the download button alternatively instead of searching for skins you can search for players using websites such as minecraft skin stealer.

This allows you to view and download skins from other players it includes popular minecraft youtubers so if you like a CaptainSparklez skin, or a standing yet skin.

It is the best way to get them this is also a good method if you see a skin on multiplayer that you quite like simply note down the players name and under search for their skin on here now that the skin has downloaded find a suitable place to store it on your computer, you may want to create a separate folder so that your skins don't get lost in your downloads.

It is the point where the method changes from previous updates in the past top loader skin to your account you needed to go to, but now you could set a new skin using the minecraft Launcher simply load up minecraft and go across to the skins tab, from here select browse and search for your skin in your PC files, once you found the skin that you want to use click open and add it to your account.

Lastly you can decide if you want the standard wide model similar to Steve or if you'd like a similar skin similar to Alex.

Once all this is done hit the Save button and then your skin will have been updated.

As you find this tutorial helpful if you have please tell a friend who needs to update their minecraft skin and thanks.