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Saturday, April 24, 2021

How To Update Firmware Garmin 66s Via Garmin Express

How To Update Firmware Garmin 66s Via Garmin Express

In this article we'll show you how you can connect your Garmin GPSmap 66 to Garmin Express which is probably the best tool you can use to update the firmware and when you first connect the device out of the box there probably is going to be an updated firmware so it's always recommended to do that so what we're gonna do. here we're gonna.

Open up our USB weather cap here and plug in the USB cable to our computer and proceed on the computer with Garmin Express and of course we need to download and install Garmin Express before we get started on our PC or Mac and once we have the app open we can click on the plus sign which is to add the device to our Garmin Connect account and we'll click on that and with our GPSmap 66S plugged in via USB to our computer it will take a few seconds to detect it, once it finds it we can click on add the vise and we'll go through our synchronization process here so we can either sign in with an existing Garmin Connect account or create a login if this is your first time doing this.

Okay I'm just gonna log in because I've done this a few times and once we've done through we can now add the device to our account and finish the synchronization and the settings transfer some of the settings over. and this next step is an optional step you don't have to do this but if you want your GPSmap 66ST to automatically connect on its own to a Wi-Fi account you can add the network here.

Here i've added it in a previous word we can skip that if you wanted to and now we're back to our home page and you can see here we have software updates available and below that we have tools and content we can download IQ apps which are more data fields widgets and that kind of stuff to supplement your device but here we're going to view the details of our software update here.

We have a GPS software on top sometimes you might see a firmware update but we're gonna click on install and we'll go through the terms and conditions and basically the few notes here is well let the software download to our computer and then we'll transfer it to our device.

Once that is done we can unplug the device from our USB cable and this is the important step here so we're gonna let the GPS update the firmware or the software up to 100% and let it restart automatically and once you're back to your main menu or your home page once the GPS has started everybody's really good to go you can plug this back into USB or close the app and reopen it and connect it and you should be green lights all the way so that is how you get yourself set up with a Garmin Express with your GPS map 66ST.

Here the step by step how to upgrade your Garmin GPSMap 66 to latest version :

1. Download garmin express for windows or Mac OS. install and open up the app.

2. Connect your garmin gpsmap 66 using the provided USB cable to the computer.

3. Click on the + icon to ADD DEVICE. After a few seconds, it should detect the device and will allow you to continue with the wizard.

4. Sign in or create a GARMIN CONNECT account. This will allow you to manage your device and allow it to use Garmin Explore app.

5. OPTIONAL - WiFi network. Your GPSMAP 66 can connect to a wifi network on its own. You can specify your home wifi network here or skip it. You can always add it manually from the device itself. From here, you should be able to reach the home page for the device and see if there are any firmware or other software updates available to download and install.

6. Let Garmin Express download and transfer the software to your device.

7. When prompted, unplug the device from the USB cable and you should see on the device screens indicating that software is installing and the device will restart once done.

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