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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

How To Deal With Pessimistic People

How To Deal With Pessimistic People

I love my girlfriend but she can be pessimistic, what can i do to change her outlook, um so here's the thing dump him no i'm kidding dump her no i'm, kidding um I've had so many people ask me this.

Over the last 30 years I've been asked this Stephen and i probably have said similar but slightly different answers at this phase, of my life here's what i know be the person.

You would love her to be open up be trusting be optimistic, show her how great it is even if she's pessimistic you continue to be you.

Spend the next 90 days being the best version of you showing her what it's, like to look at the glass half full exposing her to some of the things you, do do it for 90 days be the best version of, you my gut says she's going to change you'll, see hints look for signs she reads a chapter she listens she.

Watches a video she says ah she gives someone the, benefit of the doubt she never did and if in 90 days you are the best.

Version of you not forcing it down her throat but just, being that and leaving it open for her to see if she's, not coming around and she's more pessimistic in 90 days.

After you did that seriously consider ending it, that might sound harsh but here's what i know i never met a couple, including me where one person can grow be optimistic be in personal growth, and the other person not when people say they grow apart it means.

One person's growing and one person's not eventually it'll end, or just so you know if she's not willing to look at the world differently, you'll change you'll become more like her, it'll win she'll wear you down and you'll start saying.

Yeah that glass is half empty i'd love to just give you a shiny rosy colored glass ending but that's just the way it is, that's life i'm just in a transparent place in my life.

Give her 90 days the best version of you she's still completely negative and doesn't change a bit i'd run okay if she watches this she's.

Going to want to shoot me what's up what's up hey before you go, you need to watch these next few videos they're absolute game changers hurry up and click right over here and watch them and i'll see
you there.

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